Moxie Shorts #24


Moxie Shorts #24 – my life in short snippets from the week. Moxie Shorts is a weekly series posted every Thursday.

Moxie Shorts #24

  1. Started back at CrossFit on Monday after being absent for 2-weeks. Ouch.
  2. Had a massage this week from Janie Day of DayDreams Therapeutic Massage.
  3. Went to a sing-a-long/s’mores/hotdog cookout party at a friend’s house.
  4. Going to a Girls Night Out networking event at Belk Hudson Lofts in Huntsville.
  5. Had a successful Event at work this week.
  6. Taxes sent in and paid.
  7. I still want a tattoo but don’t know what I want or where to put it.
  8. Got our patio in order with pretty flowers and stuff.
  9. Went on a much-needed trip to the shooting range. I won’t wait that long in between visits again.
  10. Starting to feel the effects of empty nest syndrome even though The Manchild still lives at home. We just never see him anymore and so it feels like an empty nest. Weird.

So that’s it, not much going on.

Ciao Mio Amore,

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