Moxie Shorts #3

A little late, but then again I haven’t really decided what day of the week I want to do these Moxie Shorts on. Anyway…. on with it.

  • My gout is back. I’ve had a bout with gout. Heh. This makes the third time in my life. It runs rampant in my family though. It’s getting better. It seems to visit me after something physically traumatic. 1) after knee surgery, 2) after running a 5K that I didn’t train for, and now 3) after laying out from CrossFit for nearly 3-weeks I go back and start on box jumps.
  • I was recently a speaker at a friend’s event. She had “breakfast of champions” or women empowering women and wanted me to be the guest speaker. I was shocked more than anyone but I went ahead and did it. I hope I did not disappoint.
  • is looking for Ambassadors. I think I’ll apply. Deadline is October 5th. I follow them on Instagram.
  • September blogging goals are not going well but I have tweaked them and plan to get on them this week.
  • ca marks septemberI got my hair cut and colored. I knew I didn’t have the patience to grow it out.
  • Recently, I watched a bunch of movies. A movie marathon on my two days off from work and relaxing my gout foot. 1.) I’ll See You In My Dreams 2.) Under The Tuscan Sun (again) 3.) The Time Traveler’s Wife (again) 4.) Else & Fred
  • Three months and counting on using the bullet journal. No signs of wanting to switch planners.

Moxie Shorts #3

Thanks for reading and show me Your Moxie!

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