Moxie Shorts

Moxie Shorts #31

This is my life in short snippets. Things that happened during the week that is not worthy of a full blog post on its own. Moxie Shorts #31 is a weekly series of random stuff from my life this week.

Moxie Shorts #31

  1. My #MoxieFit50 is going great. I’ve lost more weight this week, 1.4 lbs. That makes a total of 4.4 lbs in the last two weeks.
  2. Headed to Atlanta this week for job training.
  3. Located a CrossFit box in Atlanta that I will visit.
  4. Got a new planner. Yes. Be quiet. And I am getting the new cover for it this week. Photos to come and probably a whole new blog post too. Maybe.
  5. I am working the whole 4th of July weekend. It’s okay though. I don’t go out in the crowds with all the amateurs. Something about alcohol and fireworks just don’t go well together.
  6. Reviews for work are due, and hopefully a raise. We shall see.
  7. It’s official, The Gent and I are empty-nesters. For now. It did not go as I had planned but nonetheless, here we are and it ‘seems’ to be okay. Again, for now. Some people have their own way of how they learn things.
  8. Can you believe it is almost July?! It will be July this week! And my July is so jacked up as far as my work schedule it is ridiculous. I am hoping it will go by quickly.
  9. This week also marks the 10th anniversary of the death of Michael Marks, my late husband, and the kids biological father.
  10. And Pat Summitt passed away this week. This made me sad, she was so young. What a horrible disease. I enjoyed basketball a little bit because of her. I am normally NOT a basketball fan, at all. But one day I watched a game she was coaching, girls college, and I rather enjoyed it. RIP Pat Summitt.

Ciao Mio Amore,

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