Moxie Shorts

Moxie Shorts #36

My life this week, in short snippets and bullet points. This is Moxie Shorts #36. What happened in the world of Moxie Beautiful this week? Find out more in this installment of Moxie Shorts #36.

Moxie Shorts #36

  1. In the featured image here, I found some old jewelry while cleaning out my jewelry box. I had forgotten about this little prayer box from my bridesmaids. I cracked it open to read them for the first time. They were written close to 8 years ago. Super touching.
  2. I helped The Girlchild move into her very own first apartment. I have mixed emotions about it all.
  3. Tired of all the “outrage” over the whole Kaepernick situation. Listen, it’s the same old crap. Celebrity does something “outrageous” and the general public gives the same reaction, every single time. We’ve got more important and bigger things to worry about people. Kaepernick ain’t one of them, he’s just a good old-fashioned asshole, let’s move on, shall we? No one is going to do anything about the incident anyway, now are they?
  4. It is September! Can you believe it? I know The Gent is happy; football season!
  5. Speaking of September, this is the halfway mark for my #MoxieFit50 personal challenge.
  6. My knee is feeling much better! Thank goodness.
  7. I saw on Twitter that the VMAs aired this week. Do people still watch that crap?
  8. We lost another good one; R.I.P. Gene Wilder. Say hello to Gilda for us.
  9. Watched Batman VS Superman; Dawn of Justice. Meh. But I was super stoked to see the appearance of Wonder Woman!
  10. I’m still on Season 2 of Bloodline, Episode 8 I think. I am having a hard time getting back into it right now.
  11. I know it’s early but The Walking Dead starts back up again on October 23rd and I don’t think I’ll be watching it. It is going in a new direction, a new main character is being introduced and the show will have a new feeling about it. I know, it’s from the comic book series but I just don’t think I’m interested anymore.
  12. Ordered some custom covers for my Happy Planner, I’m still enjoying the Happy Planner.
  13. Got my seasonal flu shot this week. For the longest time, I didn’t believe in flu shots and refused to get them for years. That is, until I got the flu, twice over a few years span. And I don’t mean ::cough cough sniffle sniffle:: I have a headache flu either. No, I am talking high fever, not being able to move because of the pain and passed out in bed all day and night with hallucinating dreams (because of fever) and not remembering anything!

I guess that’s it for now for this week’s Moxie Shorts. Thanks for reading….

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