Moxie Shorts 42

Moxie Shorts 42

Moxie Shorts 42. This is my life in short snippets and bullet points. Welcome to Moxie Shorts. What happened in my world this week? Find out now in this week’s episode of Moxie Shorts.

Moxie Shorts 42

  1. Back into the middle of my work week, vacation over.
  2. Back into the full swing of regular CrossFit again, thank goodness! But man, ouch.
  3. I ate way too much food on vacation. Lobster and scallops drenched in butter, too much bread, and a few sweets.
  4. But this whole installment of Moxie Shorts will probably be about our vacation.
  5. I probably drank a six pack worth of soda while I was on gone on vacation. Yikes!
  6. Thank you to The Girlchild for house-and-pet-sitting for us while we were gone.
  7. We are already planning our next trip. 😉 Perhaps Vegas. Any other ideas?
  8. The people of Portland, Maine were so awesome. That city is absolutely fabulous.
  9. While we had a great time in Portland it is good to be back in familiar, and comfortable, setting with a routine again.
  10. No allergies in Portland.
  11. Finally figured out how to turn off certain notifications from folks on the Facebook mobile app. Thank GOD. I actually just had to move some friends out of the CLOSE FRIENDS category, that’s all.
  12. Watched Julie & Julia again, I do love that movie. Also watched The Meddler. Both movies were on On Demand. The Meddler starred Susan Sarandon as a well-meaning “meddling” mom. I enjoyed it as well.
  13. Watched the last presidential debate that aired last night. Meh. Same ole same ole. Nothing changed my mind. Hang on to your pants folks.
  14. I am guest-hosting tonight’s #GenXChat session on Twitter, 7pm central time. Come join us. I’m a little nervous!

Moxie Shorts 42
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