Moxie Shorts #7

A weekly series of small little tidbits from my life.

Moxie Shorts #7

  • Had a nice 3-day weekend.
  • A good week at Iron Tribe, and met with a coach for my assessment. Set goals for the next 90-days.
  • Lost my blog Editorial Calendar, had to start over.
  • Made it through day 11 of the 21 Day Detox Challenge. It’s longer than I had anticipated I’d last. At least we got our kitchen all cleaned out of junk and the key to success in this endeavor is definitely preparation.
  • Working the late shift this week.
  • The Walking Dead premiered! OMG!
  • Did some housekeeping on the blog. Updated the categories, Media Kit and Sponsor Page.
  • I am hoping this will be a quiet and uneventful week.
  • Tried to watch American Horror Story. Dude. No. Just no. I didn’t last 15 minutes. Gross.

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