Moxie Shorts #8

A weekly series of random stuff from my week and what may be coming up the rest of the week.

Moxie Shorts #8

  • Had coffee with Constance, my blogging buddy. This always makes me happy.
  • Getting ready for our Holiday Sneak Peek at work.
  • Still trying to keep up with my Editorial Calendar.
  • Thinking of starting a new Blog Carnival.
  • My friend’s son is getting married this week. Wish I could attend the wedding but I’ll be working.
  • Had another great steady week at Iron Tribe Fitness Huntsville. Feeling good! Shoulder is good. Gout is gone. Feeling like my old self again! Yay!
  • Completed two of my blogging goals for October! Three more to go. I’m already sort of behind on one of them. I’ll have to forward that one to November.
  • Have a wedding anniversary coming up. The infamous 7-years. 😉 We’re good though.
  • My son has a birthday coming up as well. He will turn 19-years old.
  • After this week, the rest of my month looks fairly empty. I’m good with that.

Thanks for reading and show me Your Moxie!

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