MoxieFit50 Halfway to Goal

MoxieFit50 Halfway to Goal

MoxieFit50 Halfway to Goal.

This month marks the halfway point for my #MoxieFit50 personal challenge. I started June 5th and plan to take it all the way up to my birthday, December 11 when I will celebrate my 50th birthday. That still doesn’t seem right. I cannot believe that I am turning 50-years old.

MoxieFit50 Halfway to Goal

I set out to make this a personal challenge to be in the best possible shape I could be in by the time I turn 50. I wanted to lose some weight, gain some muscle definition, lose a dress size or two and some other goals.

Halfway through my goal and this is where I stand:

  • I’ve lost a total of 12lbs so far.
  • I am down two sizes.
  • I can do a better push-up.
  • New PR for a kipping handstand push-up, June 29.
  • New PR with a 20″ box jump, June 15.
  • New PR with a squat clean of 125#, July 19.
  • New PR with a hang clean of 120#, July 13.
  • New PR with a 2 rep deadlift of 245#, August 9.

But I am at a plateau. I haven’t lost any more weight. My eating has slipped a little, I’ll admit. And now I am hobbling along with an injured knee as well. But I will press on.

Now enter the LuRong Living Championship Challenge Series. Thank goodness, this is exactly what I need, a little booster halfway through my personal challenge.

The Lurong Living Championship Challenge is sort of like Whole Life Challenge Meets CrossFit Games. It is the best way I know how to describe it.

Yes, you pay money to sign up to do it. The challenge kicked off today so you can no longer register.

There are weekly challenge WODs and a choice of three different level of meal plans to choose from. The meal plans alone are worth the money; 80-something pages of easy to read and follow step by step recipes accompanied by grocery lists and helpful tips for meal prepping. It is all laid out for you!

I had to record my measurements, with the assistance of my coach, and weight. Also, I uploaded some front and side images of myself to my profile. This crap just got real.

LuRong Living Challenge

Yep, there it is for all to see, me in all my glory and measurements and weight and all of it in pictures. Yikes. But there it is.

There was once upon a time when I would have been HORRIFIED to have all of this out there for public viewing. But guess what? I am out there for public viewing, on a daily basis, THIS is what everyone sees anyway. So why not put it in pictures, on a blog? I don’t even care anymore. I am taking the steps to improve and I am feeling healthier and stronger every day. #Grit

This has been a blog post about my MoxieFit50 Halfway to Goal, thanks for reading.

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