#MOXIEFIT50 Report

#MOXIEFIT50 Report

Well, I finally hit the big 5-0 and now it is time to report or check-in on my #MoxieFit50 challenge. Remember, I set out back in June to do a personal challenge to be in the best possible shape I could be in by the time I turn 50. I also had some personal goals. Did I make it?

#MOXIEFIT50 Report

Goal #1 – To lose 27 lbs. Or get into a size 10. I started this challenge back in June at 177 lbs and it was going to be 27 weeks until my birthday. So, I wanted to lose a pound a week; 27 lbs which would put me at 150 lbs. But I also considered that weight is just a number on the scale so I compromised with “Or get into a size 10.”

When I weighed myself this morning I was at 164 lbs but I also wore a size 8 dress this evening, out to dinner with The Gent, to celebrate my 50th birthday at Cotton Row.

Starting the challenge I was at 177 lbs and in a size 12/14. Now I am at 164 lbs and in a size 8/10.

Goal #2 – To do an unassisted pull-up. This is still my goal. I cannot yet do an unassisted pull-up. I am better at it, and I can tell I’m getting stronger but I can not yet do a strict pull-up from a dead hang.

Goal #3 – To be able to do a Master’s WOD Rx. I think I’ve done a few this past month as Rx. Or at least they were Rx on the board in our box.

Goal #4 – To participate in a local competition. There were a few out there but for whatever reason, my schedule was never able to accommodate this goal.

While I didn’t make all of my goals I am still happy with the outcome. The most important thing I learned through all of this is that the challenge is never over. I will continue with my #MoxieFit50 challenge. I would like it to become a movement, but allow it to happen naturally. I don’t want to have to force anything.

I will continue with going to CrossFit, eating better, challenging myself to go further. I still have weight I’d like to get off; fat. I still have PRs to make. I still have things to learn. I still have/want to show up. I still have/want to put in the work.

Speaking of PRs (Personal Records), here is what happened since starting #MoxieFit50 with the PRs:

Overhead Squat from the rack, new PR at 115# (7/6/2016)
Hand Stand Push-Up (kipping) six in a row, new PR (6/29/2016)
20″ Box Jump, new PR (6/15/2016)
Hang Clean, new PR 120# (7/13/2016) to 125# (9/23/2016)
Squat Clean, new PR 125# (7/19/2016)
2 Rep Deadlift, new PR 245# (8/9/2016)
One Rep Toes-To-Bar (9/22/2016)
Squat Clean Thruster, new PR 110# (9/26/2016)
Power Snatch, new PR 80# (11/20/2016)

Not too shabby.

My #MoxieFit50 is not over, it has only just begun. Won’t you join me?

December 12, 2016

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