My Birthday

My birthday isn’t until Tuesday but The Gent brought my wrapped present home and put it under the tree today. He must have wanted me to open it tonight because he knows how I can’t stand to have a wrapped present with my name on it in the house. I HAVE TO OPEN IT AT ONCE.

One time, he tried to hide my present. He said, “You’ll never find it.” I went straight to our closet and found it at once, and opened it. I’m like a little child with gifts. If it is in the house, and I know it is mine, and it is wrapped, it drives me insane until I can open it. No really, insane.

My Birthday Gift

Anyway, I lusted over this Will leather tote bag for at least six months. I even showed it to him online way back then. I honestly didn’t think he would get it for me. But he did. I can’t believe it. I will never ever carry another bag for the rest of my life. It will go everywhere with me from now on. I love this bag.

Thank you sweetheart!


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