My Day Job


My Day Job, for #BlogSpringFever, today’s topic is “What do you do for a living?”

I work for a major cosmetics company, in retail. While I do not actually work in the field of cosmetics myself, I do work in the fragrance world. The major cosmetics company I work for owns a lot of different brands.

My Day Job

My day job is to pamper women, educate them about a new brand here in Huntsville, perform hand & arm massages, and sell our product. I work retail.

The brand I work for is a British lifestyle luxury brand of fragrance for him, for her, and for the home. We are normally located in much larger cities like Dallas, Atlanta, and Chicago and in higher-end department stores like Neiman-Marcus and Nordstrom.

It certainly has been a challenge to introduce this luxury lifestyle brand to the people of Huntsville. The travelers who pass through get it, they understand and know exactly who we are and what we represent.

The brand is catching on here but it is at a slow pace. We’ve had growth, it’s just been in small doses and at the pace of a dawdling drip.

I do love the company I work for – great pay, great benefits, great perks, I don’t mind the hours and being on my feet all day isn’t that bad. If there was any downside it would be our location.

It is not rocket science and being in a city where being a Rocket Scientist is like being a Rock Star well, you can see the irony here.

Nonetheless, I do enjoy what I do. It’s easy, fun, and yes, challenging at times.

My goal is to move up in the company and become an Account Coordinator where I would get to travel around to our different locations educating other sales people about the brand and be of general support to the Account Executive.

Currently, I am the business manager and senior stylist for the brand. We get excellent training about our product and brand at least twice a year. We travel to Atlanta for the training and they treat us like royalty. I am always impressed with our company and the painstaking details they tend to in order to create an outstanding product. I can certainly say I am proud to represent our brand.

We are having a big event April 14-16, by appointment only. If you’d like more info please feel free to contact me.

This has been a post for #BlogSpringFever. Are you participating?

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  1. I can understand your frustration with people in Huntsville not catching on. I’m a huge fan of the brand you work for, if it’s any consolation 😉

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