My First Ever Donut

At the end of July I took the family to the town I grew up in; Portsmouth, Ohio. I have blogged about some of the trip HERE.

I was amazed that some things were STILL there, more than 25 years later. For example, the “Crispie Creme,” Mrs. Renison’s Original Recipe (since 1929) Donut & Coffee Shop. It hasn’t changed one single bit. Well, they did add in an ice cream case but other than that, it was like stepping back in time.

Notice it is spelled with C instead of the famous chain that starts theirs with a K? And if it is true that the “original recipe” is from 1929, well, that is a few years before the well-known, popular big brand “other” donut shop came into existence. I’m just sayin’.

Here are some photos I took while I was there in July:

Click on each thumbnail to get a larger view.

I remember having my first ever donut right there in that store. You see, The Portsmouth Public Library is located right next to the Crispie Creme and my mother and I would be at the library every single week. We didn’t go into the Crispie Creme every single week but I remember the time I did go in and have the most sweetest, delicious, warm, soft, melty donut I have ever had in my entire life.

My heart feels all mushy, gushy, and warm thinking that the donut shop is still there after all these years.


  • Susan Cushman

    I feel mushy, gushy and warm just reading this, Carol. My childhood haunt was Seale-Lily Ice Cream in Jackson, Mississippi in the 50s and 60s. Those memories stay with us, don’t they?

  • Don

    Carol, I didn’t eat my FIRST hamburger there, but I ate many of them at the very first Krystal hamburger restaurant when I was a kid. Hamburgers were 5 cents then, as was coffee. The store was in Chattanooga where I grew up. I think there are now 4 around Huntsville.

    Read “The Krystal Story” @ and “Krystal (restaurant)” @ if you’re interested in the history of the company.

    Another favorite place I went to back then was the original Kay’s Ice Cream store which was near my junior high school on Brainerd Road next door to the Brainerd fire station. That store is sadly no longer there but there are a few other stores now called Kay’s Kastles(My favorite flavor was Butter Brickle and I wish I could have some now. (see )

    Another thing that originated in Chattanooga is the Moon Pie, as in the country music hit of the 1950’s, “Give me an RC and a Moon Pie”. The Moon Pie also has an interesting history that can be seen @

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