My Nemesis – Wall Balls

I have a few movements in functional fitness WODs that I dislike or dread. I mean I know they are good for me but they kick my ass every single time. One of those movements is called wall ball shots.

The short video (below) will show you the movement. If only they were really in slow-mo, I could at least catch my breath. But they are not in slow-mo in real-life. No sir. They are not slow-mo. Nothing wears me out faster than performing wall ball shots.

My Nemesis – Wall Balls

However, having complained about them, we did them this morning in the WOD. Needless to say I was ecstatic to have learned I have improved, a lot. I was knocking those Wall Balls out with a 14# MedBall like it was nothing. Holy cow, where did that come from? Well, I suspect from showing up on a consistent basis, working hard, dedication, and time.

The WOD today was a 22 minute time cap of some movements that included pull-ups, wall ball shots, sit-ups, and running. Depending on how many rounds you did, determined your level. I ended up doing the “Orange” round (4 rounds) and I completed it in under 20 minutes, barely. But I kept working to the end and got in all of my pull-ups, wall ball shots, and sit-ups for the last round of the next level up, the “Black” level (5 rounds). I ran out of time and could not complete the run though. If only I had NOT WALKED that fourth round of running, I could have finished the last full round! Grrrrr. Live and learn. Push. Push. Push. I could have done it.

But I was rather impressed with my wall ball shots today. I have improved, tremendously. I am stronger than I think.

Does that mean the wall ball shots are no longer my nemesis? Oh no, they are still my nemesis but the difference today is that I am no longer as afraid of them. Now I know I can meet them with dignity and get the job done, with determination. They still test me but I am ready.

Thanks for reading and show me Your Moxie!

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