My New York City Boots

Once upon a time, this little gal went to the big city of New York. The Big Apple. I went as part of a foursome. It was me, two other women, and my then 14-year old daughter. We boarded a plane that was bound to New York City in April of 2009.

Before going to New York City, I had planned out and mapped the places I definitely wanted to see. We were only there for two days max and the other women wanted to do some things too so I had to keep my interests limited. I wanted to go see The Algonquin Hotel (and I did). I wanted to go inside Saint Patrick’s Cathedral (and I did). I’ll just have to go back to see and do all the other things I wanted to visit.

But there was one other place I absolutely wanted to visit and that was the SOHO area. Love. Love. Love. If you haven’t been, let me tell you, it is just like the movies portray. I promise. I could have spent my entire time there in SOHO, walking up and down the streets and being around all those beautiful brownstones. Lovely. Browsing and window shopping the cute little shops. Lovely. The whole experience was so relaxing and dreamy.

I did manage to work up the nerve to go INSIDE one of the cute little boutiques. It was a second-hand store, and I hesitate to use that term. These NYC second-hand stores are a tad different than most of the second-hand stores here in Huntsville.

This particular boutique included rows of neatly placed garments. Nothing was cluttered and everything had a place. This is where I picked up my New York City boots – a pair of camel color Frye boots. At the time, I had no earthly idea about Frye boots, or The Frye Company. It wasn’t until later, when I researched the brand, that I realized what a great deal I just landed. I had been walking around the whole time, up until the purchase, clutching my money tightly. My New York City boots was the first purchase I made there in the Big Apple.

My New York City Boots

I wear these crazy boots probably on a weekly basis. I wear them with my most favorite of all blue jeans – a pair of Levi’s I’ve had for over 15 years probably and which I will blog about next week. I’ve had to have one of the heels replaced, not the whole heel, just that rubbery part on the bottom. The soles probably need to be redone, soon. I’ve also worn these boots with dresses.

Funny story – now anyway – I put the boots on the very minute I bought them. I had on a cute little summer dress and the boots just went well with it. So there we are, walking around NYC, doing our touristy thing. We duck into a  pizzeria to grab a bite to eat. My friend accidentally spills her Coke and some of it lands on my brand new boots. The Coke left a stain on the toe of my right boot. I never did go and get it fixed. However, over the years of loving these boots so much (because I wear them a lot), the stain has miraculously buffed itself out, somehow. Hmmm, meditate on that for a minute will you; keep loving someone, faults and all. It’ll all work out in the end.

I sure do wish I remembered the name of the boutique I purchased my boots from, but alas, I don’t.

[UPDATE] March 7, 2012 – I found the picture of when I first put on my New York City boots, IN New York City. This was the day I bought them, and before the Coke spillage.
The Frye Company
SOHO Boutiques in New York City


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