My Social Media in 2015

using social media

Just going to give you all a little heads up on how I plan to use my social media channels in the New Year. First of all, I plan on only using a few; Facebook Page, Google +, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

using social media

On my Facebook Page – you’ll find things of interest in a wide-variety of topics. I plan to post interesting articles I find. They could be about How-Tos, Seasonal Tips, sharing other blogs, or local activities. It will be a hodge lodge of posts on my Facebook Page but it will be fun and informative.

On Google+ – I plan to be a tad more focused and my sharing might consist of articles about the entertainment industry – celebrity news, movies, movie star styles, arts & entertainment. Whatever I decide on this social media platform, it will not be my main focus. In all the social media channels I’ve listed here, this one will probably be last. I just don’t get much traction out of this channel.

On Twitter – this is the one I am most active on and will continue to treat this one as my number one, go-to social media channel. I freakin’ LOVE Twitter. On this channel, I will Tweet out things related to style, fashion, and beauty. Also, age-related topics and maybe a little bit of CrossFit. But mainly, it will be about fashion & style.

Pinterest – I need to make a better effort on Pinterest. I still don’t get it, completely. I can usually take it or leave it. I have tried, off and on, to utilize this outlet with a hit or miss result. But in 2015, I will make a better effort on learning more and using it.

Instagram – my fun channel and personal channel. Who knows what you will find on this channel. One day it may be my dog under a Christmas tree, another day it may be a selfie, or food, shoes, images I am going to use in a blog post, friends, family, and any kind of life event. Again, this one will be my personal and fun channel. I might share these images on Twitter and Facebook too, or maybe not.

Now listen, I am NOT a social media expert. And if someone tells you they are, run as fast as you can in the other direction. No one is an expert on social media. It is ever-changing. I consider myself a social media connoisseur instead.

And I only use my social media for fun. I also use it to blast out blog posts, yes. I will continue to use my channels to share my blog posts.

Lastly, newsletters! I have a newsletter. I have subscribers too! How about that? I will try to be focused more on that form of sharing. I have 21 subscribers. If you’d like to get my newsletters, then subscribe! I’m still trying to figure out what will be in these newsletters. My hope is to have things in this newsletter that you won’t normally find on my blog. But I haven’t hashed out all of the details just yet.

If you want to follow along with me on my social media channels, scroll back up to the tippy-top of this page and look at the top left hand side. You’ll see my channels up there.

In case you were wondering where I find all of my goodies that I share out? Flipboard and Bloglovin’. I LOVE Flipboard! Follow along with some of my magazines on Flipboard too!


Oh! And before I forget – if you want to subscribe to any of the comments on this blog, you can do that too. Just simply look at the bottom of the comment box and it will tell you how to SUBSCRIBE TO COMMENTS.

Thanks for reading and show me your moxie!

2 thoughts on “My Social Media in 2015”

  1. Great post. You are on the ball! I set a goal to complete a 2015 editorial calendar…..I need to get that going!
    I have never even heard of Flipboard. How does it work?? I’ll be sure to connect via social media. Love connecting with other Bama Bloggers. Happy Holidays!!

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