My Super Bowl Ring

So this week I bring you something a little different From The Chifforobe. Instead of a piece of clothing I am blogging about one of my favorite pieces of jewelry – my Sorrelli gun metal ring.

The reason I named the title of this blog entry, “My Super Bowl Ring,” is because when The Boy first saw my ring he said, “Mom, that is big enough to be a Super Bowl ring.” I thought it was cute so I keep calling it my Super Bowl ring.

The ring is really a Sorrelli ring – an emerald cut band ring with crystal accents. The width of this ring is 3/4″ and it has an antique silver finish.

I purchased my ring from Loletta’s Jewelry when they posted a photo of it on their Facebook page. I fell in love with it at just one glance. Immediately I messaged the owner of Loletta’s and asked if she could hold it for me and I’d be by the next morning to retrieve it. She did. The ring was on sale and I got it for under $40.00

This ring, I can wear with anything. It goes well with casual and formal wear. I wear it just about every single day. I want to get all the “gun metal” pieces in Sorrelli. While this particular ring isn’t actually in the “gun metal” family it sure can pass for one of its members. I was surprised to find it in the bridal collection over at Sorrelli’s website.


You see, while I couldn’t remember the exact name of this ring, I had to go search for it through all of the gorgeous photographs on the Sorrelli website before I found it again. When Loletta posted the picture of it on their Facebook page they had labeled it as a “gun metal” ring. I think it can definitely pass for a gun metal ring. And again, I want all of Sorrelli’s gun metal pieces now. They are beautiful.

The ring also comes in a Soft Pastel (a vibrant blue stone) and Violet Eyes (subtle purple stone). Mine is supposedly the White Bridal but to tell you the truth, the stone in my ring is more black than translucent like it shows in the photograph at Sorrelli’s website. Maybe I truly do have a one-of-a-kind ring!


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