My Ugly Dolls

Found these (and more) at Books-A-Million. At the time, when I found them, it was the perfect time because I needed a pick me up. So thank you Ugly Dolls.

Meet Indrid and Recky….

From their tags:

“Indrid is not the boss. He’s not the assistant manager. He’s the hard working cog in the machine who gets the job done. The unsung hero. The everyugly. He’s the Uglydoll you can share a vat of orange juice with while talking about life, and how chocolate doesn’t go with orange juice.”


“What, you got a problem? No? Well Recky does. He is in desperate need of someone who is willing to listen to his stories and dreams. Recky is looking for a pal who knows where he’s coming from. You know, like how when you go to the store to buy an extension cord but come back with bags of snacks and toys, and you forgot all about the extension cord? Hey, life can get tough, we all need a little back up from time to time.”

Books-A-Million had more Ugly Dolls but these two spoke to me and so I adopted them and now they live in my office.

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