New Design

Holy cow, look what I can do.

I installed a new theme. I did it without any help from anyone. I’ve been looking for something a little more simpler, more intimate, less busy, without all the photos and graphics.

So here it is. It’s called The Erudite 2.7.8 by Matt Wiebe

A theme for writers who want readers, not visitors, traffic, click-throughs, CPMs or what-have-you. Carefully crafted typography and generous use of whitespace lets your writing shine.

Isn’t it lovely? The only thing, I can’t figure out why all the entries (see below) are all uneven on the page. Or how to limit the amount listed. Other than those questions, I am so totally satisfied with the new theme.

Granted, now I don’t have all of my categories listed up on the top menu but I don’t mind. Actually, there is a way to do it but I think I liked putting the “pages” on the menu rather than the “categories” at this point in time.

If you want more information, you can scroll all the way down to the bottom where you’ll find the regular sidebar activities and happenings.

Thanks and love to all!


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