News Roundup with Storify

News Roundup with Storify

News Roundup with Storify. I’ve been wanting to blog more about current affairs and news happening around the world on the blog. But on the occasion I can’t find anything that really jumps out at me, I’ll post a news roundup via Storify.

News Roundup with Storify

It is election season, I understand that but I am so sick of hearing about Trump and Hillary and especially I am sick of hearing all the news-heads salivating over their choice. Fox News has made Donald Trump the candidate. Period.

The American people are so easily fooled, they believe anything anyone tells them. If it comes from the news then it must be true, that is their mentality. This is what I have observed.

But I digress.

[Tweet theme=”basic-border”]The news you probably missed because of election season. [/Tweet]

I hope you’ll feel comfortable enough to comment on any particular story. Don’t know if this will be a regular series on the blog or not. I’ll probably use it as a crutch when I can’t find something specific I want to rail on about.

Storify is a handy tool to use when you want to group something together for a blog post. I’ve been enjoying creating little snippets of stories with Storify to share on the blog.

News Roundup with Storify


November can’t get here soon enough so all of this mess can be over, the election. This has been the most strange and vile season to date. I am not impressed. I believe Alabama has write-in option on the ballot. Guess what I’ll be doing.

Moxie Beautiful is not a news source, that’s for sure.

Take the links I provided with a grain of salt. I gathered them from Google News. Nothing cracks me up more than when people who don’t normally read or comment on your blog will be the first ones to jump on to troll and post something from Snopes. Get a life. MB Signature

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