Niche Blogging?

Pish Posh. I am so done with stressing out over niche blogging. Look, I’ve always wanted to have a column in a newspaper or local publication where I could write about anything I wanted to write about; think Carrie Bradshaw. But since I do not have a journalism degree, that pipe dream will never happen for me. So I blog. I created this blog to be able to fulfill that desire and passion I have for writing.

This blog is for me to write about whatever I want to write about. I also have control over it. I’m not looking to get famous via my blog. Although one day I would like to be a successful author (successful author, to me, means published and book deals). I use my blog to practice my writing. That’s all. I have fun with it and I love the fact that if I want to write about my religion, write a book review, talk about what’s going on in Huntsville, vent about having menopausal hot flashes, or write about dead beavers, I can. BTW, I have written about dead beavers.

People have made too much of a fuss over niche blogging. If you just want to start blogging, I say go for it. If it is a personal blog and you just have a unique POV and want to put it out there on the Web, then do it. Unless you are trying to make money from your blog, or make your mark on the big ole blogosphere, I do not see a need to stress out over niche blogging. Just write. Just blog. Be free.


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