No More Blue Hair

I am all sad-faced. New guidelines at work says we cannot have brightly colored hair, the hair must be natural in color. It’s okay, I’m good with it. The brand image is one of understated elegance. I can dig that, and so the blue hair is no more.

A big huge thank you to Felecia McInnish. She’s been doing my hair for a while now and was the one who took me to blue with confidence in the first place. In the beginning, I knew I had wanted blue hair but I was afraid. Felecia wasn’t afraid. She gave me the confidence to go for it and it looked fabulous! I got so many compliments on my blue hair from all sorts of people. The range of folks who complimented me on my blue hair went from 5-years old to 80-years old to men and women both, artistic types and engineer types, it didn’t matter where I went or what I was doing, someone always complimented me on my hair. It made me feel special. Who doesn’t like getting compliments, right?

So when the new guidelines came out about the professional hair at work, I got a little sad. But Felecia came to the rescue. She took me to another color, a color in the natural family, and it still looks edgy and fun. I love it!

What do you think?

before and after blue hair

Felecia has done guest posts for me before. Check it out here.

When I go see Felecia to have my hair worked on, it’s way more than getting a cut or a color. It’s almost like a spiritual experience. Conversation takes on new meaning and heartfelt discussions leave you feeling like someone had finally listened to you and knew what you meant.

Felecia’s place at Blu Healing Spa is a one-woman show. There are no other stylists sharing the space with you, no other folks talking over you. It’s a nice quiet, peaceful, and relaxing environment. She has a calm about her that is contagious.

I can walk into her place feeling like I’ve been pulled in a thousand directions, a list a mile long of things I know I’ll never get done, feeling all gloom and doom sometimes but when I sit down in her chair and she starts working on me, everything just melts away and I know it will all be okay. Priorities get put back into place and real goals emerge.

So you see, it’s much more than a hair cut when I go see Felecia. It’s almost like therapy! But good therapy. 😉

Check out Felecia McInnish and her Facebook Page. She’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading and show me your moxie!

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