#BlogLikeCrazy November is Blog Like Crazy

November is Blog Like Crazy

Guess what? November is Blog Like Crazy. I know I’ve been teasing threatening promising you I would start blogging again. And I want to, trust me, I do. I love blogging. I love my little blog here. The thing is, I’ve been so off the blogosphere it’s not even funny. I am so out of touch, out of tune, out of the zone for such a long time that I can’t figure out my way back to blogging. Until now.

November is Blog Like Crazy

I saw a reminder on social media the other day from Javacia (whom I haven’t seen in a very long time) and it was about her annual #BlogLikeCrazy campaign. Ah-ha! That’s how I can find my groove again in blogging.

You can find out more about #BlogLikeCrazy here where the founder tells you all about who, what, where, and why of it all. She even has some archives of writing prompts.

I’ve participated in #BlogLikeCrazy before and even came up with some of my own challenges as well. They are fun and you can learn a lot about yourself as a person, blogger, writer.

I am grateful #BlogLikeCrazy came up through my social media feed last week to remind me.

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