Olive + Piper Fashion Jewelry

Olive + Piper Fashion Jewelry, Online Boutique

One of my blogging goals has been to try and do a weekly affiliate article. I’ve failed miserably at it but that doesn’t stop me from making it a goal every month.

Olive + Piper Fashion Jewelry

Today, I have finally been able to write a blog post for one of the affiliates I am in; Olive + Piper.

First, what is an Affiliate Program?
An affiliate program is a marketing program where you can receive commission for helping a company or small business generate sales.

And then, who is Olive + Piper?
Olive + Piper is one affiliate program I am associated with via Share-A-Sale. It is an online boutique of affordable fashion jewelry. Not just affordable but adorable too!

Before I blogged about them the first time, I of course purchased a few pieces. I wanted to purchase for a couple of reasons.

  1. Because it is beautiful and affordable fashion jewelry.
  2. And so I could establish credibility with the brand and decide if it was something I actually wanted to be “affiliated” with after all.

I fell in love. And every single time I wear my pieces I always get compliments. Everyone asks me where they can find them and I direct them to my blog. I would love to earn a small commission off of referrals.

Currently, I have my eyes on a few things over at Olive + Piper.

Olive + Piper, Fashion Jewelry

Olive + Piper, Fashion Jewelry

Olive + Piper, Fashion Jewelry

So that’s it, me doing an Affiliate blog post. I try to keep my affiliates to a minimum and with things I really and truly like. If I were to make any money off of them it would not be a lot. I don’t want to trash up my blog with crap so I do try to pick quality affiliates that I like and want to work with and that fit my brand. Olive + Piper definitely fit my brand and I love their online boutique.

olive + piper Fashion Jewelry starting at $18!

Thanks for reading and show me Your Moxie!

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