One Year, No Smoking

Since I have not had a cigarette since January 7, 2014 – I’ve saved some money. Oh yeah, I also feel better and can breathe. It’s not like I really tried to quit. I didn’t say to myself, “Self, you will pick a date and make a plan to quit.” I didn’t have any other help either; no patches, no pills, no vapor thingamajigs. I simply quit cold turkey. It was time and it was easy. The habit had become disgusting.

My Rizzo
Me, as Rizzo from Grease.

What could I do with all of that money saved?

  • Think of all the shoes I could buy!
  • A nice little weekend getaway would be nice.
  • Books, books, and more books!
  • It is a year’s worth of CrossFit, plus more.
  • Dining out once a week for a year.
  • That’s 20 one-hour massages.
  • 250 On Demand movies at 5.99 each. I love On Demand movies.

How would you spend the savings? I would pay for the one year’s worth of CrossFit!

The longest time I have ever quit before is when I was pregnant, both times. I have tried quitting several times since then but failed. The longest I had gone, since having babies, was 11 months.

I’m afraid to say, “I quit smoking!” Instead, I will just say I haven’t smoked today. I haven’t smoked in a year. I’ve been smoke-free for 365 days. I am apprehensive to come right on out and say I am a nonsmoker. I am a smoker who happens to have not had a cigarette in a long time.

Thanks for reading and show me your moxie!

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