Outfit of the Day: Am I Too Old?

teenager, clothes, jeans, teeshirt, outfit of the day

I’ve been wearing this outfit lately. Normally, for work, I have to dress up. So on my days off I am dressing down, if I have to go out and about. If I stay in, I stay in my pajamas! But really, am I too old to dress like this?

teenager, clothes, jeans, teeshirt, outfit of the day

You’d think, at age 48, I would not really give a flying flip about what people think of me and how I dress. But the truth is, I do. Well, for the most part I do NOT care but there is still a little voice that nags at me, “What are you thinking?”

I feel quite comfortable in this outfit. I like it. And when I say comfortable, I not only mean physically but also mentally and emotionally. I feel cute. But again, there is that little voice that has to say something to me, “You are way too old and trying too hard.”

So, I am asking you, my dear readers and friends, what is your opinion?

Of course, I am exercising my Moxie on this and wearing it anyway. So, you know…

Thanks for reading and show me your moxie!

4 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day: Am I Too Old?”

  1. I’m the same way…always wondering “does this make me look like I’m trying too hard?” whether it’s an outfit, or heading out to rock shows where nowadays many of the concert-goers are half my age. I still do/wear whatever because it makes me happy and fits my personality. Is it my problem if someone feels the need to question that, or theirs? I digress, but….I totally get it.

    In answer to your question: Nope. Not too old. Look at Betsey Johnson still rocking a punk rock look in her 70s! If you feel cute (and you are) and comfortable, then that’s what you should wear 🙂

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