Overhead Squats

overhead squat

One of my favorite CrossFit movements is the overhead squat. It works your entire body and takes a lot of core strength. It’s challenging and makes me feel confident having performed it.

Overhead Squat

My one rep max for overhead squat is at 115#. I think I could do more now but this one particular morning we were to work up to a heavy 3 rep overhead squat. My goal was 95# but I only accomplished 85#. I did do one rep at 95# but that doesn’t count because it was supposed to be for 3 reps.

overhead squat crossfit


Other favorite movements that I like from CrossFit are:

Wall Balls
Power Cleans
GHD situps
Box Jumps

The funny thing is that wall balls used to be my nemesis. But I’ve kept at them and have gotten a lot better. Now I somewhat enjoy them now.

At Christmas, I received some bumper plates, an ab mat, a yoga mat, and a 35# kettle bell. Next on my list of equipment to acquire would be a wall ball and something to help with pull ups. A pull-up bar that you can put in the doorway or something? I have no idea if those things are good or not. I’d be scared to try it. I can see it now, my falling on my face or ass as it comes free from the door frame. LOL

Anyway, thanks for reading. And check out some other posts I’ve written about my CrossFit experience.

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