Oy, Another New Direction

So I had coffee with a new friend today. We’ve actually had coffee and lunch and dinner before. She’s fairly new to the area and she is part of a larger group of bloggers here in town. There is something about her that I like. Have you ever met a person and you just sort of click with them, even if you know you have some differences of opinions or ideas but yet you know you can learn from one another?

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A Favorite Quote

The Rocket City Bloggers are hosting a Year Long Blogging Challenge. I am a member of the Rocket City Bloggers so I like to participate when I can or when it fits the blog theme.

This week’s theme certainly fits this blog. We are to share our favorite quote. I definitely have a favorite quote but it isn’t from some old ancient writer from literature such as Walt Whitman or Mark Twain or even Jane Austin. No, this quote is from a friend of mine. She and I have never met in person, we only communicate via email and on Facebook. But she is a writer too, like me, struggling with our writing habits. Continue reading “A Favorite Quote”