Weekly Brief #1

Brief #1Since this is a new blog (not Moxie Beautiful anymore) and I still liked doing the weekly snippets (Moxie Shorts) I thought I’d continue with it on this blog. Obviously, I have to rename it to something else. And so we have The Briefs – this is Weekly Brief #1.

The Weekly Briefs will be snippets of my life or things I wanted to share with you but were not big enough for a stand-alone blog post.

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Our Vegas Vacation

The Gent and I have been traveling lately. Last year, in October, we went to Portland, Maine for vacation. This year it was Our Vegas Vacation!

Neither of us had been before. And to be honest, I never had the desire to go check it out. I am not a gambler, at all. For whatever reason, I had this idea in my head of what Vegas would be like and I didn’t really want to have anything to do with that image. I was wrong.

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Hello world!

CarolReMarks.com Carol MarksWhy yes, yes it is another blog. Don’t ask me why because I cannot give you an answer. It doesn’t matter now anyway, what is done is done. Let’s continue, move on.

When I posted on Facebook asking for a new blog title I received several cute and clever titles. But obviously, I went with Carol ReMarks. I loved it immediately.

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Cleaning Up Facebook

Facebook, anymore, has become nothing but a cesspool. So I’ve taken to cleaning up Facebook; mainly my personal account. I unfollowed and unfriended people that I had no clue who they were or that I lost touch with or that I may have met one time at a networking event. I’m cleaning up Facebook; my personal account.

Cleaning Up Facebook

If it wasn’t for a few groups that I belong in and one in particular, that I recently created and want to maintain, I’d delete it all. Or deactivate my personal account.

At any rate, I am going to continue posting to my Moxie Beautiful PAGE and my recently created Moxie Beautiful GRITGYM group. If you want to find me on Facebook, look for me at those two places.

I was going to create a blog post with a long diatribe on why I am limiting Facebook but I am not even going to explain or justify my actions. I don’t need to.

You can also find me on Instagram and Twitter.

Featured on Garage Gym Experiment

In case you all have noticed lately, I’ve been trying to build a little Moxie Grit Gym of my own; out of my garage. A few days ago, I was featured on Garage Gym Experiment. After posting a few pictures on Instagram and using the hashtag #garagegym – Garage Gym Experiment and I found one another.

Garage Gym Experiment’s goal is to provide the garage gym athlete with motivation, workouts, and recommend products.

Anyway, they featured my little teeny garage gym in their gallery. I am thrilled and honored! I am just getting started so I know I am a newbie and novice to all of this garage gym stuff. And I am having a blast learning and collecting and building.

garage gym experiment gallery

Thanks, Garage Gym Experiment, for featuring me and continuing to encourage me.

Creating my own little workout space at home, I have also created a Facebook group called Moxie Beautiful GRITGYM. A place for my friends and acquaintances to come together, encourage one another, share workouts, and all that good stuff.

Want to join us? Moxie Beautiful GRITGYM

Moxie Beautiful GRITGYM

In my garage gym so far:

Wood Box for box jumps/step-ups
Bumper plates in the total amount of 110#
Jump Rope
Kettlebell 35#
Ab mat for sit-ups

Oh, and I purchased two mat tiles from Tractor Supply Co so that when I drop my weights it won’t make a thunderous noise and wake up the neighbors. Well, it still makes noise but it is easier on the bumper plates than exposed concrete.

My next addition will be a wall ball in the weight of 14# and I want to get a pull-up bar.

I am NOT leaving my home CrossFit Box at Jones Valley Crossfit, no. I will stay there for as long as I can. That is my second home! I love it there and for as long as I can, will NEVER LEAVE them. Unless I move far far away, which isn’t happening anytime soon.

Anyway, thanks for reading. What’s in your garage gym?