How To Really Buy A Car

Okay look, I sell cars. I want to share with you How To Really Buy a Car. Forget all that nonsense you see on television from True Cars, Car Gurus, and the like. Sure, some of it is good advice but listen, dealerships and car lots and more importantly, sales PEOPLE are not going anywhere. Sure you can use Carvana, go ahead. Nothing wrong with that, go Capitalism.

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Christmas Runaway

I want to be a Christmas runaway. The kids are grown, and one of them is not even in the same state anymore, why not travel for Christmas. I’d love to go somewhere else for the holiday.

So, I’ve been researching places to visit during the holiday season and this is what I’ve found.

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Billy Joel at Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas

Just one week after my Tough Mudder, I had the privilege of seeing Billy Joel at Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas. It was a whirlwind weekend for sure, we flew out on Friday, spent Saturday night with Billy, and flew back to Huntsville on Sunday.

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