Positive POTUS COVID-19


Positive POTUS COVID-19. Well, I am kind of shocked to learn about the POTUS testing positive for COVID-19 quite frankly, I really am. I guess I thought the office itself was shielded miraculously somehow from worldly crap – like an invisible shield protecting it from everything the rest of us are subjected to. I was wrong.

Positive POTUS COVID-19

I pray for the President and First Lady for a speedy recovery. I am concerned for him because from what we’ve all been told, he has a few of the underlying factors that could be bad for him; high cholesterol, overweight, and he’s in his 70s. However, he seems to be a robust and active 70-something year old. As a 50-something year old myself, I certainly could NOT keep up with his schedule!

Thinking back on the debates, I also hope former Vice President Biden and his family are okay as well. From what I understand, they have been tested and they are negative, thank goodness. But I hope they continue to get tested because just because you test negative one day doesn’t mean you are never going to get it!

I still don’t think wearing a mask is an end-all, be-all CURE for never getting COVID. It probably helps, yes, there I said it. But I am still not going to wear a mask when I am out walking my dog or driving my car. And I don’t think I should be forced to wear it by law either. I even think if I am in the grocery store I would be fine not wearing a mask. It’s not like we are all packed in there like sardines.

If I am in a crowded area, sure, I would probably wear one to keep MYSELF protected, I don’t want your icky germs. I will continue to wash my hands, sanitize my surrounding area, and keep my distance when I can. And when I can’t I’ll don the mask. But with the understanding that I COULD STILL GET COVID-19 no matter how careful I am.

But back to POTUS and First Lady. The media is of course having a field day with the news. It is NEWS after all. Chris Wallace needs to calm the hell down. He has really shown his dislike for the President and continues to do so. If he is so hell bent on wearing a mask then why didn’t he wear one himself when he moderated the debates? He could have.

People virtual signaling everyone about wearing a mask is maddening at times. If you want to wear a mask then please do so. But don’t tell me, “Put on a damned mask.” If I am sick, I stay home and don’t go out and about infecting people.

This isn’t about masking up or not. For me, it’s more about TRYING to find out more about the illness and how seriously widespread it is or how serious it is if one contracts it.

Listen to the science!! But there are so many scientists and doctors saying DIFFERENT things about it. Still. And I understand why, it’s new and we are STILL learning about this stupid shit. STILL.

Hell, just a week or so ago the CDC put up misinformation. I think THAT is what makes me so angry – all the different information that comes up and changes constantly.

I have never been a trusting person so trying to figure this out by just listening to the media (who lie all the time) and they each have their different experts. It is exhausting.

So, I if I ever contract COVID I will have to rely on my local doctors here. And that is terrifying.

I’ve always had week lungs, asthma as a child and now ex-smoker. Plus, at one time I was borderline diabetic and probably still am, I just don’t need medication right now. I manage it via diet – some of the time. High cholesterol runs in my family as well as heart disease. So……

Okay, I went off topic again. I think what it is for me is that I find myself asking why am I so surprised that the President got the COVID? As I stated in the beginning of this blog post, I reckon I considered the Office of Presidency to be some sort of super hero power and it doesn’t matter who is there; Bill, Obama, George, or whomever. It is the office itself that I guess I consider to be impenetrable. I guess I was wrong.

Having said all of that, America will be fine because as I was just reminded by The Gent – this is why we have laws and the Constitution – so we won’t lose our minds if something happens. We have a system in place and we will be fine. Let’s keep it that way.

Well, those are my ReMarks anyway and that’s how I’ll keep it until I change my mind.


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