Powder Stories #2 – Bobbi Brown

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I started this series a while back, where I blog about the history and beginnings of certain cosmetic companies and brands. Today’s Powder Story is about Bobbi Brown.

Powder Stories #2 – Bobbi Brown

Earlier in the month, I hosted a Bobbi Brown Master Class. I invited a few women along who might enjoy learning something new.

This event made me realize I’d like to highlight Bobbi Brown in the next series of Powder Stories.

The history of the Bobbi Brown cosmetic brand is quite simple actually. Yes, Bobbi Brown is a real person who is still alive today and actively working in the industry.

Bobbi Brown is a regular run of the mill girl-moves-to-New-York-City-to-live-her-dream kind of story. And she did, big time. Upon graduating college, she promptly moved to New York City to be a makeup artist. Her degree was in theatrical makeup.

While everyone else was creating bright, shimmery, and standout vivid looks, Bobbi carved out her niche with an approach to a more natural look.

It did not take Bobbi long to come up with her own line. Her first products she created were natural toned lipsticks. She called it Bobbi Brown Essentials and first appeared in Bergdorf Goodman, 1991. Yellow-toned foundation sticks came next. And before you know it, Estee Lauder came knocking.

Bobbi Brown sold to Lauder in 1995 but retained complete creative control of the makeup line. Next came freestanding stores, and a whole makeup and skincare line, as well as fragrances. And she has written several books about makeup and beauty.

Learn more about Bobbi Brown.

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