Real Huntsville Images on Instagram

Real Huntsville Images on Instagram

Real Huntsville images on Instagram – this is going to be one of my new categories, projects, Instragram column, or whatever you want to call it. I have lived in Huntsville since 1991 and I’ve seen a lot; good and bad. But really, it is just a regular small town “city” with the same ole things as any other town.

Real Huntsville Images on Instagram

But what I am seeing on social media posted by new citizens in Huntsville is deceiving. To me it is anyway, that is my opinion and experience. I’m still allowed to have my own opinion and experience, right? Yes.

What I see on Instagram is not what I know and see of Huntsville. It cracks me up quite frankly, people posting these images all over Facebook and Instagram of some of Huntsville’s restaurants, breweries, and what ever other new pop-up thing that comes around. It is misleading.

They strategically place a cute kitten to play in a puddle on the sidewalk of Eustis Avenue with the Farmer’s Market in the background and POOF, look at us, Huntsville is so cute.

Or how about a man in a suit sitting next to a lumberjack at Campus 805 drinking some brewskies. Yeah, okay. That’s original and hip.

I like this one too, lets dress someone up all pretty, in a fancy dress, and put them in the middle of a field and Huntsville is now not only urban but it is also country chic.

Good on them and all that good-feeling stuff. Someone is really good at their job and/or has a big ole Degree in Marketing/Graphic Design. If you scrolled through their feed you would think you were on some swanky Manhattan street in New York City or viewing someone’s vacation images of a sunflower field in Tuscany, Italy.

I find it nauseating. I feel the need to show the real Huntsville. And so that is what I am going to start doing. You will start to find random photos on my Instagram account @carolremarks of images of the real Huntsville. Plain, gritty, real. No filters, no frills.

Author: Carol Marks

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  1. I should participate in this with you. I live out in the county, north of Huntsville, and do most of my thrifting and such strictly in North Huntsville (which I am told is dangerous/ghetto, but I wouldn’t know because I feel like I belong there). What would folks think of Noeth Huntsville? I wonder if there is. A #northhuntsville hashtag?

    Seriously, I love that people are posting the best parts of the area, but it is a very inaccurate “picture” of the city as a whole.

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