Rebranding and Bullet Journaling

Bullet Journal

So, the new blog, or new site. It is still me, the same ole Carol Ann Marks. I’m still blogging pretty much the same stuff; adventures in CrossFit, getting older, and life in general. But I wanted a brand. No one really cared about Carol Ann Marks, who the hell is that anyway? A brand though, ah, that’s different. Everyone loves a brand.

I’ve been thinking and pondering for weeks now. Then, I finally decided to put pen to paper and put into practice what I have learned while attending conferences about this sort of thing. It only took one page in my bullet journal. But it took hours; hours to get down on paper what I’ve had rambling along in my head for weeks.

This is what the page looks like:
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I recorded this in a section of my bullet journal, a Moleskine notebook I’ve been using now for a while. I am LOVING this new way of recording things and planning things out with a bullet journal. I like it because it is customizable, I can use it anyway that works for me and I think I’ve finally found my way.

Here are some other ways I use my bullet journal. I am sure you can click on any image for a larger view.

I use my bullet journal for many things. First, I use it for both work and personal things. Every month, I’ll draw in a monthly calendar for visual.

Then, I’ll turn the page and list out the days vertically on the page; one side for work, the other side for personal.

After that page is when the daily to-do lists come in. Each day I will write down my daily to-do check lists and I get satisfaction as I cross them off during the day. Whatever I do not accomplish that day will carry over to the next day.

With the daily to-do list pages (The Dailies) I will also write down my CrossFit WODs that I participate in and record my reps, times, and achievement level.

If I am in a meeting or a conference and need to take notes? No problem. I can put masking tape on the top edge of that page and mark it as NOTES. The masking tape makes for easier access and finding.

Towards the back of the Moleskine is where I have blogging and writing stuff; ideas, deadlines, editorial calendars, or anything related to blogging and writing.

What else?

With this new look and focus, here are some of the topics I plan to blog about….

health & wellness. adventures in Crossfit. mind, body, and spirit strong.

maturing. growing. getting older. attitude. facing the BIG 5-0. it’s all good.

born in 1966. generativity (empty-nest syndrome). things related to Gen-Xers. you know who you are. if you are a Gen-Xer then more than likely your kids are grown and leaving home. the third act. in life (for me) there are three acts: before kids, during kids, after kids. after kids is my third act. The history of the term generativety.

Anyway, I hope you like it, stick around, and share with your friends. There may be one minor change coming. The tagline. I may change it from “authentic living by a charmingly bold GenX blogger” to “true stories by a charmingly bold GenX blogger” because I cannot stand the word authentic. It is played out like the word sustainability. :: eyeroll ::

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