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Recording My CrossFit WOD

I have GOT to start recording/writing down my CrossFit WODs again. I used to do it diligently but for whatever reason I stopped writing them down. Now, looking ahead at this week’s schedule and the daily WODs, I am upset that I did not write down last week’s WODs. Grrrrr.

This week’s WODs are built upon last week’s WODs, not all of them but a couple of them. And now I can’t remember what I did last week, as far as weight and reps are concerned. Oh well, I’ll take a stab and guess at it and continue on. But I will start writing down every single WOD I do from here on out. Plus, it will help me when it comes time to blog about them.

In my new editorial calendar, I have on it that once a week I will blog about CrossFit. I will more than likely blog about a particular WOD. What the WOD was, how I did, how I felt about it before and after, what I learned and PRs. It will be awesome.

And I have this super cute Kate Spade notebook for which I can write everything in. I am using it for all my brain stuff. And so I’ll just add my CrossFit WODs in here.

Kate Spade, CrossFit WODS, Write, Record

Last week started a series of WODs where they build upon each other. I need to write this stuff down. I need to be writing all of the WODs down. It is time for me to start tracking and become a little more serious. Oh, and we are starting WHOLE LIFE CHALLENGE too! Having a notebook handy for that will be nice as well.

I will just have to start from scratch with writing down the workouts. And stupid math is involved too.

Today’s WOD –


Push Press
Find a 8RM


8 reps @70% of 8RM


For time:

30 Power Cleans @ 185/125#

*15 min time cap. If you can do even one power clean at the Rx load, you will use the Rx load and record total reps completed in the 15 min.

We did this last week as well except it was for 10 reps, Push Press. Oh you know what? I do remember what I did last week because I was SUPPOSED to have 50lbs total for the EMOM but accidentally had 55lbs. So, if my math is correct, and I hate math, my 10RM would have been 70lbs and then for the EMOM I had to bring it down to a 70% of the 10RM which would have been 49lbs. Of course, I was going to do 50lbs except that I accidentally put 55lbs on there and didn’t realize it until I was on that last minute of the EMOM. Okay, just thinking out loud here.

And then the Power Clean. I have no idea what I can do on a Power Clean either. The last thing I have listed that closely resembles a Power Clean is a Hang Power Clean and I did a 1RM at 95# back in October. Holy cow!

If you are interested, this is what a Power Clean looks like:

But back to the Push Press for a minute. I found another old entry where I did 100# 2RM Push Press!

I am looking forward to writing down my CrossFit WODs and tracking to see how I’ve improved.

Thanks for reading and show me your moxie!

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