Redbook Inspired Fashion Must-Haves

Fashion Must Haves

This post is inspired from Redbook’s September 2015 Issue of Real Women Style Awards. I was privileged enough to meet one of the bloggers who is from Birmingham, Alabama – Jennies Hosey of The Je ne sais quoi blog.

Redbook Inspired Fashion Must-Haves

In the Redbook spread with all of the bloggers, they posted outfits and asked each of them about their Must-Haves and one piece of fashion advice.

At any rate, that spread in Redbook inspired me to create an outfit post of my own with 5 of my Must-Haves.

Fashion, Outfit, Pattern Mixing, Style
Photo by Constance Smith at

I put the outfit together, but….

PHOTOS BY CONSTANCE SMITH OF COSMOPOLITANCORNBREAD.COM It was an impromptu 15-minute photoshoot after we had coffee this week. We do plan to do a real photoshoot with a real camera and everything soon.

Fashion, Outfit, Pattern Mixing, Style
Photo by Constance Smith at

My one fashion advice/suggestion? Do not be afraid to experiment. Open your mind to pattern mixing, put edgy with soft, and especially do not think about your age when trying new outfits.

I love putting masculine with feminine together all the time.

My Five Must-Haves

  1. Great shoes – a good stiletto or high heel – a good comfortable stiletto or high heel. Yes, they are out there, you can find them. You may pay a little more for them but it is worth it!
  2. A versatile fitted blazer – it can go with anything really. Throw it on over a dress, throw it on over a graphic tee-shirt with jeans. It doesn’t have to be basic black either.
  3. Speaking of jeans, a nice pair of great fitting jeans is a must. I like both skinny jeans and boot/flare cut jeans. If they are flared then I like them especially long so I can wear them with high heels. So, probably one of each would be great.
  4. Earrings – I have short hair so I like to wear statement earrings on occasion. Unless I am wearing a turtle neck, then it is pearl studs.
  5. A red lip – I may be headed towards the B-I-G 5-0 but I am not going to stop wearing a red lip, ever. I don’t wear a red lip all the time but when I do, I feel awesome.

Thanks for reading and show me Your Moxie!

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