Reflecting on 2017

Reflecting on 2017I’m sure it is a bit early for most of you for this type of post but I’m writing about it anyway because it is on my mind right now. I’m reflecting on the year, 2017, and it’s not yet December. I can’t help it.

Thanksgiving just passed, Christmas is next, then we will be vigorously accosted by the New Year. I don’t know about you but these next few weeks will fly by. For whatever reason, the holiday season maneuvers itself through our lives full tilt and it is normally around Valentine’s Day before we realize what really happened.

We’re doing this reflection now because I bought my 2018 planner. And I probably need a full month to reflect and prepare. I found the planner via Makers South’s Instagram.

We’re not going to get into the troublesome disorder I have for planners. We are just going to move along.

Inkwell Press, again, found it via Makers South and discovered I can find the planner at Office Depot. I’ll admit, it was a little pricey but I think it will be worth it. And really, what is a little pricey compared to what I spent last year in planners. 👀

Once I purchased the planner, it lead me to the website which leads to videos and podcasts on how to set up and/or use the planner. You’d think, “It’s a planner, it’s self-explanatory!” And you’d be right but I didn’t want to muck it up so I listened to the podcasts and watched the videos.

Watching the videos, listening to the podcasts and, trust me, I don’t normally spend that long on videos and podcasts but they inspired me! They got me all motivated and stuff. It made me want to reflect and plan.

To begin with, the seemingly simple first “assignment” of asking three to four of my closest and trusted friends to describe me was what set this whole soul-searching thing in motion.

As I scanned through my Facebook friends, I realized that NO ONE KNEW ME. Not really. They only knew what I showed them or allowed them to see. I had ONE friend I could ask. Have you ever seen the Runaway Bride? That has been me the whole time.

Am I really nearly 51-years old and don’t have a mind of my own? Or is because I haven’t felt like I have lived life on my own terms and experienced life, long-term, from my decisions. Quite frankly, it’s probably a good thing. Part of my reflection epiphany.

There are two main arteries here; personal life and work life.

Part of my reflection and soul-searching has come up with work-related circumstances. My personal life is great, it will be my work life I focus on this coming year. I’ve never really done that before. I’ve always worked for someone else. And while I still “work for someone else” as a client advisor, I have more control of my income.

I’ve taken the time to answer a bunch of questions that helped me with my reflection and planning process. I learned quite a bit about myself, my work ethic, and I am happy to say that I have resolved to do better, focus, and thrive where I am. I like it and nothing surprises me more. It is going to be a great year!

Thanks for reading. What are you reflecting on and planning for in 2018?

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Author: Carol Marks

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One thought on “Reflecting on 2017”

  1. Awww. Yes, we do have a way of presenting ourselves a certain way. There are very few people in my life that I can speak freely with…and without a filter. I feel very blessed to have more here in Alabama than anywhere I have ever lived, and that you are one of them.

    I always find myself re-evaluating, re-organizing, and re-vamping this time of year. All different aspects of my life.

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