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Retirement Plans

If everything goes according to plan, we should start thinking seriously about retirement in 8-years. So what are our retirement plans you ask?

Well, The Gent doesn’t know it yet but that is the time when I plan on World Domination. As Madonna once said when asked what she wanted to do, “I want to rule the world.”

Retirement Plans

But I do have a backup retirement plan if World Domination doesn’t work out in the first year of retirement.

It involves travel, lots of travel. I’ll be honest with you, we really don’t have retirement plans just yet. We’ve only talked about travel. But we’ve also talked about doing volunteer work as well.

As with many of my life events, I like to refer to movies. When I think about retirement, I can’t help but think about what Kathy Bates says in Failure to Launch. The premise of the movie is to get their grown son to move out of the parents house. Sara Jessica Parker is hired to lure him out.

But there is a scene with Sara Jessica Parker and Kathy Bates (she plays the son’s mom) and Kathy is inadvertently sabotaging Sara Jessica Parker’s efforts and when confronted Kathy says something like, Well, when the son is gone and I’m left with just my husband, and it’s just us two, what if he doesn’t like me anymore.

Exactly. I feel exactly the same way. Once we have our regular long time focus moved out and then faced with retirement, then what? Empty nesters to retirement. I have to tell ya, I’m kinda scared. It’s a big move, adjustment, lifestyle change.

We have a while, though, to figure it out. I am sure we will be fine and we’ll have fun. I’m not that worried about it. It will just be different, that’s all.

Some ideas I could do in retirement if World Domination doesn’t work out:

  1. Write that book.
  2. Move to Italy.
  3. Start a retirement coffee group.
  4. Read books, lots and lots of books.
  5. It’s my chance to become that full-time famous blogger.
  6. Volunteer
  7. Start an organization.
  8. Travel, of course. Lots of travel.
  9. Buy a beach house and move there, permanently – my idea of true retirement.
  10. Or, buy a farm house and learn how to grow my own food. That should be interesting indeed.
  11. Become a CrossFit coach/trainer. LOL

This has been a blog post for #BlogSpringFever. Are you participating?

What are your retirement plans?

Ciao Mio Amore,

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