Robert Trent Jones, Grand National

Over the weekend (actually it was May 13-15) my 17-year old daughter and I had the opportunity to visit Opelika, Alabama and experience the Robert Trent Jones Grand National golf course. Well, my daughter played golf, I was a spectator at her high school state championship golf tournament.

All I can say is, “WOW!”

We had quite the experience. The golf course was like something you see on television when watching Tiger and Phil during a PGA tournament! The rolling green hills, the well-manicured greens, the trees and surrounding nature was breathtaking especially in the early morning hours. My girl was in the first group to tee off so we got to see the course before anyone else trampled all over it. The dew, the birds chirping, the cool sun at seven o’clock in the morning was so peaceful and relaxing.

I walked the first day with her, all 18-holes. The high school girls had to walk both days and carry their bags. After walking with her the first day, I rode the next day in a golf cart. I had knee surgery back in March so my knee was a little swollen after walking 18-holes the first day, on Monday.

Tuesday, during her warm-ups on the range, the head of her driver came clean off on her second swing. The head went flying off into the land of golf balls that were already strewn about on the range. She turned around and held up the now headless club shaft and had this look on her face like, “Did this really just happen?” We didn’t panic though and the pro shop let us borrow a new driver. That was so nice of them. She was able to take the new borrowed driver back up to the range and practice swing and hit with it for about 15 minutes before her tee time of 0700. She actually did better the second day with her new borrowed driver and shaved 6 strokes off her score from the previous day.

Here are some photos of our trip, you can click on any of them for a better view:

We didn’t stay in the Marriott there at the golf course, not on a high school golf team budget, but we did stay at the Fairfield Inn located in Opelika, Alabama. Let me tell you… that staff was phenomenon. When we found out their breakfast didn’t open until 0600, and our girls had to be at the golf course at that same time, one of the other parents politely requested that they open the free breakfast bar at 0500 and you know what they did? They opened that breakfast bar at 0500 without complaint and actually were quite cheerful about the whole thing too.

Our room (we had the king suite) was clean and fun! The room layout was not like any other hotel room I had ever been in before. It almost had two separate rooms and we had two television sets. The hotel was quiet at night when we needed to be in bed early each night. The whole experience with Fairfield Inn was fabulous. I will definitely stay in another Fairfield Inn. Here is a photograph of the retro-looking lobby.

Again, that was the Fairfield Inn at Opelika, Alabama. The staff was courteous and accommodating. Check-in was not a problem, getting extra towels was not a problem, and getting breakfast at 0500 was not a problem. I will stay there again (because I have a son that attends military academy down that way) and normally we have stayed across the street at the Hampton Inn, which is also a nice hotel.

At any rate, The Girl and I had a great time at Robert Trent Jones Grand National in Opelika, Alabama. Thank you to the staff at both the golf course and our hotel. The parents I met were equally awesome to meet too. So not only did I have a great time but I met some new friends, not to mention the bonding between a mother and a daughter. Yes, I teared up and yes I was/am VERY PROUD OF MY GIRL!

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