RV Retirement Living, My Future

I see this in my future. I think I’d love to downsize, sell everything and buy an RV to travel and live in for our retirement future.

RV Retirement Living, My Future

The Gent probably doesn’t think I am serious. Oh, but I am. I could totally do this. As long as I have wi-fi, or internet connection, I’m good.

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I remember traveling and camping RV-style with my grandparents during summer months. It was a lot of fun. Now, I know camping out as a child in an RV is quite different from being an adult living out my golden years in an RV. Still, this sounds ideal for my future.

  • My heart is not tied down to any one geographical location.
  • My parents, divorced for decades now and live in separate states, this would be ideal for me to travel to and fro checking in on them.
  • It may soothe my wanderlust and gypsy heart to just know that I could pick up my house and move at any time without a lot of hassle.
  • We could travel or stay put for any amount of time.
  • A lot less to take care of and clean. In general, less to worry about.
  • Cost of living would be less, I’m sure.
  • All the closeness one can stand with your significant other. 😉

Anyway, those are some of the reasons and/or benefits I think of when I think of RV-living. And that is definitely something I want to consider for our future.

Just look at this YOUNG couple living the RV-lifestyle: RV Wanderlust I found by Googling RV travel and lifestyle. I am so glad I came upon them on the Net.

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“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” -Author Unknown

Definitely words to live by, and we’ve taken them to heart. On Friday, February 21, 2014, we locked the front door of our stick and brick home for the last time and started our full-time RV journey.

We chose this lifestyle not to escape life, but so that life doesn’t escape us.

We have wanderlust to the extreme and hope you do too. If you are living vicariously through us, don’t hesitate to ask us questions. If you are on the fence about the lifestyle, feel free to poke and prod us.

[…more about RV Wanderlust ….]

Oh, I’ll be prodding, for sure.

Until we are able to get out there and do this ourselves, I will be living vicariously through RV Wanderlust.

I’ve talked about this with other people, brought it up in casual conversation, and I am not the only one daydreaming this way of living. There are others out there.

What about you? Do you have retirement dreams and schemes?

Thanks for reading and show me Your Moxie!

3 thoughts on “RV Retirement Living, My Future”

  1. I’ve been planning this for years. We are trying to get rid of a lot of things already. My husband is ready to do this and has been for a while. I’m ready to put our house on the market any day. I know its still going to be a bit before we can make it happen but my heart is already planning the drive from KY to FL for our first stop.

  2. RVing is not what you think it is. I have done it for 8 weeks traveling from DC area to CA.and last year traveling from DC area to the Southwest and back. First of all it takes a lot of planning. You can only stay at RV parks that can accommodate you by having a suitable space. If you get there and you will soon figure out that not all RV parks are equal. Backing into a space and setting up is trying especially after you have driven for 300 plus miles. Not all of the parks have full hookups at all times. This means sewage water and electricity. Never mind that cable and wifi many not work or that the trees in the park may block antenna reception. It stinks not to be connected to the world for weeks at a time. Everything is computer based. If you checking account has been hijacked you will not know until you pull up to buy Diesel and your card is refused. Thank God MacDonalds has free wifi. The ideal of traveling wander lustful is silly and unrealistic. If you get sick in a strange city you better hope you have the kind of insurance that medical facilities accept in your area. If you are not the planning and responsible type I do not recommend RV living. You’ll end up on the side of the road broken down with no one to rescue you. It is not cheap either, the spaces are usually from 15.00 to 85.00 a night. Price does not indicate quality. OH did I mention severe weather can be a problem too. Running to a cement building in the dark because of a Tornado warning can be very scary. So now that I have rained on your parade want to buy my RV?????.

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