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I’ve been a member, supporter, and cheerleader for See Jane Write Birmingham for a while now. It was great news to hear that Javacia Bowser, the force behind See Jane Write Birmingham, was launching an official magazine online. It debuted today. I am so excited for her and her team. They’ve worked so hard to put together this resource for women writers, journalists, and bloggers. I know it will be a huge success. Javacia has created and built a community of fabulous women, and I am grateful.

A few weeks ago, Javacia contacted me and asked me to write a little piece up about my writing nook. I was so honored she thought of me so of course I jumped right on it. You can read about it HERE. A Room of Her Own will be a regular feature on See Jane Write Magazine.

This new magazine is definitely going to be on my daily reading list. I know there will be all sorts of goodies in each issue that will update every Monday. A very good reason not to dread Mondays anymore!

The launch party is scheduled for July 18th in Birmingham and I do hope to be there in person to help celebrate.

Javacia tells us about her vision, dream, and how the magazine came about,

See Jane Write began as a networking organization for women writers in Birmingham, my hometown. The group launched in March 2011 with a gathering of 14 women. We met at a local Mexican restaurant and I shared my vision for creating a writing group for women and asked what they would want from such a group.

Thanks to See Jane Write, I’ve won awards and been featured in local publications. But I wanted to do more. I wanted to reach out to women beyond Birmingham. See Jane Write Magazine is my attempt to do just that.

My hope is to use this website to give women writers, bloggers, and journalists the information and encouragement they need and to build a virtual community to offer them the support they deserve.

I’ve attended one of her panel discussions in Birmingham and let me tell you, I walked away a new woman that night. I had a vision and focus after the panel discussion about blogging and the future of community journalism. I wholeheartedly support Javacia and her magazine. I am cheering from the sidelines, that’s for sure. She is definitely an inspiration and I am proud to know her.

Here is my little plug or testimonial for See Jane Write Magazine – “See Jane Write Magazine is refreshing, educational, and a resource for writers everywhere. For me, it’s a wealth of information and I plan to read every single issue. So, every Monday you will find me reading See Jane Write Magazine. The magazine offers up-to-date and relevant coverage on ‘writing, wellness, and empowering women’, just like their tagline states.”

See Jane Write Magazine – Writing, Wellness, & Women’s Empowerment

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