Shedding Social Media

It is normally this time of the year when I like to start shedding social media.

I don’t know why. I also lose all kinds of motivation. Basically I lose my get up and go.

Why is this? I wish I knew. I also wish I knew how to stop it.

It’s the time of the year where I don’t want to work out, I don’t want to eat right, I don’t wanna be around people, and I lose all kinds of interests in doing anything. 

And I don’t know how to stop it or fix it. The best I can do I guess is to stay off of social media. Stay away from comparing my insides to everybody else’s’ outsides.

My theory is that if I stay off of social media, shedding my social media time, that I would be more motivated to take care of myself by working out, eating right, doing what I’m supposed to be doing. And not worrying about what other people are doing.

Anyone else have this problem? Or is it just me?

Author: Carol Marks

Your charmingly bold Generation-X and opinion blogger - one hot cuppa Moxie!

One thought on “Shedding Social Media”

  1. The eating right thing….it’s awful this time of year! I’ve managed to lose 25 lbs…and now Walmart has my chocolate covered Ritz crackers. I totally get what you’re saying!

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