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Wanted Punk Ballet Flats

I’m only 5’2″ so I am all about the big huge high heel to help me look taller and the higher the better. I prefer a gigantic platform shoe. Sadly, though, I’ve injured my knee recently and must stay far far away from my height enhancing paraphernalia, at least for a little while.

I don’t like being short. I also don’t like pain so this is the only reason I have given up on wearing high heels. My knee just couldn’t take it one more day.

By the time this blog entry is published I will have seen the orthopedist and hopefully the doctor will have a solution.

But I digress….

So, since I can’t wear high heels for a while it means I had to buy new shoes. I have never owned a pair of flats unless you count tennis shoes. When the ballet slipper made it’s debut (or comeback) I cringed. I mean my skin crawled when I would see these things in the stores and in the pages of the fashion glossies. I hated them. But now I own two pair, three if you count the ones I borrow form The Girl on a regular basis. In fact, the ones I borrow from The Girl are the very ones I have pictured here on the blog.

Believe it or not my daughter wears a size 9 shoe and I am somewhere between a 7 and 7.5 but I can wear her ballet slippers. Weird, I know. I reckon it is the elastic on this particular brand of ballet slipper that help keep them fitted and on my feet.

The Girl and I went shopping a while back and we bought two pair of Wanted Punk Ballet Flats. I bought a silver pair for myself and she picked up the purple pair, it was the perfect color match to her military ball gown. I have since taking over the purple pair.

These shoes are comfortable, of course, but I also find them to be fun and stylish. They are not boring like I consider most flats to be. These Wanted Punk Ballet Flats are satiny with a hint of sheen and the flower burst on the toe is totally cute and helps camouflage my wide feet.

The very first time I wore my ballet flats I got caught out in a rain storm. I was so upset that my brand new satiny shoes got soaking wet and I thought for sure that the rain had ruined the delicate structure of the shoe. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised when my shoes dried out quickly and there was no damage whatsoever to the shoe!

So you see, even though I was forced into a ballet flat slipper by my bum knee I am grateful for having experienced it and now I have a new look to go to when I need a change from the high heel, that is, if I go back to wearing them. I am digging these flats and they come in all sorts of colors. I now have my eye on the yellow pair for Spring/Summer.

Wanted Punk Ballet Flats


  • Tamika D.

    Hope your knee gets better and you will get back to wearing your beloved heels. I love flats and as you mentioned, they aren’t boring as they use to be. I want to steal the ones in this picture. NOW! :0)

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