Snark Be Gone

So, did you hear the news about Gawker and Salon? Their traffic is down and an analyst on the news this morning said exactly what has been on my mind for over a year now. He said, “they are wall to wall snark driven,” or something to that effect. I so totally agree. This has been a topic I have wanted to write about for a long time now. Enough with the snark.

What is snark? Researching Google, the results came back telling me that it is a combined word made out of “snide” and “remark.” I see it everywhere, all over the Internet.

Having to be in close proximity with face-to-face snarky people on a daily basis, the snark everywhere else grows old, with quickness.

This news story, on Fox News, lists seven dying websites. I am surprised they have Blogger listed as one of the dying breeds. The article puts the blame mainly on social media and I used to believe it too. However, being a long time blogger myself, I want to balk at that reason. OK, so I am a resurrected blogger. Yes, at one time I got lost in Facebook and Twitter too, abandoning various blogs. But now I realize this is where it separates the girls from the women, so to speak. I am a blogger and want to continue to write on the Internet, on my blog. So I have formulated a plan to stick to blogging.

Part of this plan to stick to blogging is to drop the snark. I tried so hard at one time or another to keep up with the Internet snark but it was not for me. It felt gross quite frankly. Being snarky is not my forte and it is not in my nature. I have finally accepted this fact.

There are folks out there who brag about being snarky. They think they are clever but it has really become such a turn off to readers. Snark made its debut and had its 15-minutes of fame. But now, the core of people who are on the Internet for long haul blogging realize the model for success; intelligent writing.

Be thoughtful. Write intelligently. Play nice. Snark is so over and so yesterday. I’m glad to say good-bye to the snark.

But Carol, your tag lines reads, “Pushing Sass, isn’t that a form of snarkiness?” To this I say, I reckon you are correct. I really don’t like the tag line myself and I’ve been trying to think up a new tag line. Does anyone want to chime in with an idea for a new tag line?


  • linda

    new tagline is pretty personal….
    what do you want the blog to be? to represent?
    does it have a theme?
    or do you have a certain philosophy or perspective on things that is unique?

    That may help with a new tagline.

    (I know, in true coaching style, I didn’t answer but asked more questions…don’t you just love that!?)

    • c.a. Marks

      Hi Linda! Well, I’ve been asking myself those very questions. I don’t really want to have a niche blog so to speak but I do want to blog more about Huntsville and everything relating to Huntsville. I’m not sure that I have a unique perspective or certain philosophy.

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