Style Never Goes Out Of Fashion

Victoria Beckham, That Extra Half An Inch, Book, Style, Fashion

A new series coming to the blog, maybe. Or at least I hope so. But I am going to take Wade Kwon’s advice and have the series all done, written, edited, and scheduled before I start. That is ideal anyway.

Victoria Beckham, That Extra Half An Inch, Book, Style, FashionThis is a preview of what the series may look like – Victoria Beckham’s book titled That Extra Half an Inch. Fashion, beauty, and style – Victoria shares her tips, suggestions, and advice from hair, heels and everything in between.

The book is heavy, physically. It is packed full of fun pages, colorful images, and straight-forward advice. It is where I learned that you should not wear a white bra under a dark shirt. The bra should be skin-tone color; off white, beige. Now, most women already know this information but I was clueless. I never paid attention before a certain age I guess.

It is going to be fun to go through this book, thoroughly, and share what I find. I am going to start an outline tonight and hope to get started on the series this week.

Style never goes out of fashion.” ~ Victoria Beckham

Thanks for reading (and watching) and show me your moxie!


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