Operation 22 MST

Operation 22 MST is an event put on by Integrated Recovery Foundation. And Integrated Recovery Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable enterprise, with a commitment to women veterans who have been traumatized by the effects of Military Sexual Trauma (MST).

Operation 22 MST – we will lose 22 veterans to suicide today.

Military Sexual Trauma (MST) is the term used by the Department of Veterans Affairs to refer to experiences of sexual assault or repeated, threatening sexual harassment that a Veteran experienced during his or her military service.

And thankfully, there are people out there creating a solution.

How am I helping? I have signed up to participate as an individual athlete/ambassador to participate in the monthly workouts that are set up and organized by the staff at Operation 22 MST.

The program started in January. I didn’t find out about it until July so I went ahead and gave my $50.00 halfway through to sign up to participate and I will finish the year.

Last Sunday, I performed Woman Warrior WOD for Christine. You can read about Christine’s story HERE.

The workout:

With a barbell (155 lb/115 lb)
9 Clean
17 Push Press
9 Ground to Overhead (CJ or Snatch)

I scaled it to 95#. I attempted at 115# and did about 3 reps but knew I could not maintain the required reps. So I scaled it to 95# and completed it in 6:30.

At any rate, I had the privilege of speaking to a representative of Operation 22 MST and the Integrated Recovery Foundation, Rebecca Buck. I had put in an inquiry about becoming an Ambassador. So we connected and talked over the phone. I had questions, she had information. So here we are.

With Rebecca’s suggestion, I started a small fundraiser of my own and it is connected to the Integrated Recovery Foundation and Operation 22 MST Crowdrise. I am hoping to raise $500.00 on my own to help this organization and raise awareness. Will you help?

DONATE HERE and help spread the word by sharing.

Integrated Recovery Foundation
Operation 22 MST
My Crowdrise Page

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