When A Cougar Comes To Town

My friend, Constance, and I went down to Birmingham yesterday. It was my mission to visit the Jo Malone London boutique in the Saks at the Summit. I wanted to see if they would share any of their wisdom and knowledge with me. They did, I met with Darla, a lovely woman working in the boutique. I received some validity and met a new associate. It was a good visit.

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Our New Orleans Trip in Photos

I just learned about Storify this weekend, thanks to my friend Constance Smith. So I thought I’d share our New Orleans trip through Storify. It was a good trip, it was work-related and that was good too. The Gent and I did find some time to get out and about to enjoy the local culture.

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Dallas Mill Deli in Huntsville, Alabama

I’ve lived in Huntsville for over 20 years now, 22 years to be exact. Granted, the deli has been serving customers since 2006 and new ownership as recent as last year, so it’s not like I’ve totally missed the boat on this one, it just feels like it. I guess I was driving by it once and noticed people sitting outside eating and that is what caught my attention. Normally, I am not an outdoor-eater but the deli’s outside atmosphere looked cute and welcoming.

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