• Alabama Fashion Alliance, Fashion Week Alabama 2016 Schedule
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    Fashion Week Alabama 2016 Schedule

    Alabama Fashion Alliances announces the 2016 Fashion Week Alabama schedule. FASHION WEEK ALABAMA 2016 MARCH 1-5 | 5 YEARS OF FASHION & BEAUTY IN ALABAMA TUESDAY | MARCH 1 @ 6PM | INDUSTRY MIXER & AFA MODEL WALK-OFF $10 Fashion, Beauty, & Creative Professionals celebrate the kick-off of FWA 2016 under one roof! Location: Real Estate Row | 1806 University Drive | Huntsville, AL | Chick-Fil-A S.Pkwy/Hobbs, Huntsville, AL · AFA & The Valley’s CW Network’s FWA 2016 Next Top Model Walk-Off · Celine Smith Collection (16-year-old fashion designer protégé) – Headlining Designer · Retro Fitt Boutique @ Bridge Street – Headlining Retailer WEDNESDAY | MARCH 2 @ 6PM |…

  • Bobbi Brown Makeup Lesson
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    Bobbi Brown Makeup Lesson

    Recently I made an appointment at the Bobbi Brown makeup counter at Belk Bridge Street. Kathy was my makeup artist. I told her I wanted a natural everyday look. I didn’t want to spend a lot of time getting ready. Some of the takeaways I learned: You do not have to set your makeup with powder. You can wear two different types/textures of foundation. Under eye corrector and concealers are two different products. You want to pick a bronzer in the shade closest to your neck color to pull up that natural color to your face. And you definitely want to wear bronzer – it also helps contour your features.…

  • Why Women Wear Makeup, Artistry, Beauty

    Why Women Wear Makeup

    Recently, on Twitter, I typed out a Tweet about someone complimenting my makeup and said that it made my day. To which a follower replied with this….. .@MoxieBeautiful Is, "you look so beautiful; you don't even need makeup" ever appropriate? What feelings does it elicit? #makeup #discuss — Joel Elliott (@AwkwardHandle) January 10, 2016 And then a conversation began that included several different people. This got me to thinking, why DO women wear makeup. Why do I wear makeup? My husband tells me all the time that I don’t need it. I never believe him when he tells me this and personally, I think that when men in general talk…