Rebranding and Bullet Journaling

So, the new blog, or new site. It is still me, the same ole Carol Ann Marks. I’m still blogging pretty much the same stuff; adventures in CrossFit, getting older, and life in general. But I wanted a brand. No one really cared about Carol Ann Marks, who the hell is that anyway? A brand though, ah, that’s different. Everyone loves a brand.

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My Moleskine Planner

This is NOT a sponsored post. I repeat, not a sponsored post. I just like Moleskine notebooks and I like to write about them from time to time. Moleskine notebooks are not the only products I like, I like other things too and I plan to write about great finds and stuff I like from time to time.

For now, though, it is the Moleskine Notebook. More specifically, the Weekly Planner in their large, black soft cover.

Believe it or not, we are creeping up on November and before you know it – yes, it will be January 2014. And you all know what that means… a new planner!

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