• Citizen Glam, Chesney Matthews
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    Citizen Glam, Chesney Matthews

    Citizen Glam, Chesney Matthews Happy March! I continue with my new blog series called Citizen Glam. I’ve decided to do this as a monthly installment instead of weekly. This month, for March, I have asked Chesney Matthews to join us. I met Chesney a little over a year ago when I started my new job/career in retail. She works as a Visual Manager for a well-known department store in Huntsville, Alabama. Since I’ve known Chesney, I have always wanted to ask her questions about her style and to be honest, she is probably the inspiration for this new series. Enough from me, let’s hear from Chesney.

  • The Oscars, red carpet look for the Academy Awards with Polyvore
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    Academy Awards Red Carpet Look

    I’ve kept a secret for a very long time, I have always wanted to be an actress. The first time I saw the Academy Awards on television, as a little girl, I thought to myself, “I want to be up there accepting that award.” Really, though, in all honesty, I suppose I just wanted to be liked by everyone. And Sally Fields voiced that so well the year she accepted her Oscar in 1985. My love of the Oscars goes way back before that time. My guess would be the 49th Annual Academy Awards from 1977 when I was 10-years old. Now that I am all grown up, I have…

  • Citizen Glam
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    Citizen Glam, Federal Fashionista

    Introducing a new series on the blog – Citizen Glam. In this series, I will interview stylish people I know. I don’t know how many posts will be in this series and perhaps it will remain open. Right now I have about four people I have in the queue to be interviewed. I hope to be able to build upon this blog series. First up is Federal Fashionista. The Fashionista and I met just a short while ago when she moved to town with her family. She opened shop immediately at Clinton Row and we have also worked/collaborated on the Local Boutique series on the blog. Federal Fashionista’s outfit pictures…