So, This Has Been Happening

Thought I come in and give you all the lowdown on what’s been going on lately. A hodgepodge sort of post you might say – fully loaded with images too.

My life has been full. Recently, I stepped up to become co-editor and curator for the Alabama Women Bloggers site – alongside Constance Smith of The Foodie Army Wife. This is going to be great and fun. I look forward to cultivating connections, relationships, and growing a community.

On my other blog, I’ve started a year-long (weekends only) blogging baking challenge. I’ve been busy with that and it’s been great fun so far.

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Weddings and Football

Today I am grateful for a few things. The Gent and I are attending a wedding today for some friends that we haven’t seen in forever. It is going to be nice to see them on their special day.

The Gent and I are also Georgia fans and the game was going to come on at 2:30PM, the time we were to be at the wedding. But, for whatever reason, the game has been rescheduled for 6:30PM! So we are going to get to enjoy two things today; the wedding and the football game.

Four years ago, The Gent and I also had a November wedding; November 1, 2008 and when we picked that date we didn’t think to look at the football schedule first. I know, right, bad southerners. However, it wouldn’t have mattered anyway because that was the only Saturday that worked for us at that particular time.

Anyway, we found out that on our wedding day the holy grail of footballs was to be played; George/Florida. Our wedding took place at 11:30AM and the game came on at 2:30 – you should have seen everyone rush out of the reception nearly at the same time. That was the fastest danged reception ever. First dance, cut the cake, throw the bouquet and bye! But we were home to watch the game in time.

Contrary to belief, the Iron Bowl is not the most rivaled game ever. The Georgia/Florida tailgating event has been dubbed The World’s Largest Cocktail Party and I do believe that most locals leave town and rent out their houses for the weekend long event. It may even include the week before the game as well. The rival dates back to 1915.

So yeah, today I am grateful for getting to attend our friends wedding and being able to catch the Georgia game on television tonight where they take on Auburn, in Auburn.


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