Television These Days

I don’t know if it is because regular television has to try to keep up with all the live-streaming these days or what but some of these shows out now are in-your-face-atrocious.

Take for instance, American Horror Story. A friend at work had recommended it to me. She has watched all the seasons prior. She did warn me that it could be a little creepy and weird. But I can do creepy and weird. I mean Fantasy Island for crying out loud; creepy and weird for sure. Or those creepy robot women on The Bionic Woman? I was terrified of those things!

Oh, but creepy and weird is an understatement for this American Horror Story. I believe this is the fourth season of the show, happening now? Hotel is the theme of this season.

I tried to watch the first episode of this season. I had looked forward to it for about a week after my friend suggested it. So when Wednesday night came along, I got all snuggled into bed with The Gent and we began to watch.

WTF? HOLY COW! What strange demented perverted show is this? I didn’t get past the first 15 to 20 minutes. I had to turn it off when the no-face demon came out of nowhere with a pointed steel strap-on and proceeded to rape the male drug-addict who just shot himself up with heroin, I presumed. And they showed it, the rape. And that was a watered-down tamer version of my original description of this scene.

Um no. Just no. Nasty perverted show. Who thinks of this crap anyway? Gross.

Good God! It actually made my stomach turn over a few times. I was in shock. I was, really, in shock. I like to think that I don’t get offended easily but damn… this was rough. And it was on television. It wasn’t on regular Network channels but it was on regular Cable channel. It was on FX, these days the Cable channels are just the same as network television.

American Horror Story makes Fantasy Island seem like an episode of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.

What is it with television these days? Why does everything have to be so graphic and in-your-face? Just like seduction, does no one leave anything to the imagination anymore?

I guess I am now officially an old-fuddy-duddy. I have reached that point in my life where I have become my parents and grandparents. I’m okay with that, believe you me because I want nothing to do with today’s rendition of what is cool and hip.

In all fairness to my friend, even she said she couldn’t and wouldn’t be watching it this season after all, after seeing that first show. I believe her when she said the first season was decent though. I get that.

Remember when it was risqué to stay up late to watch Benny Hill? Or when Miami Vice came out with all that drug running? Heck, Hill Street Blues and L.A. Law were considered serious dramas and took it out there on the limb. Well, in my day it was considered good stuff anyway. My favorite sitcom, Family Ties, even tackled a few serious topics.

But today’s television? They are not trying to address serious topics. They are simply out right in your face with perversion.

Let’s stick to happier times, shall we? What were some of your favorite television shows from the 1970s/1980s?

Here are few of mine

:: Family Ties :: Cheers :: MASH :: Hart to Hart :: Moonlighting :: The Love Boat :: Quantum Leap :: WKRP in Cincinnati :: Charlie’s Angels :: Starsky and Hutch :: Love American Style :: Laugh-In :: Sonny and Cher ::

Those are just a few. What are some of yours?

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